To cope with the strongly increased demands for crystallographic structure determination by groups at the Gene Center and external collaboration partners, Karl-Peter Hopfner successfully negotiated funding and support from the LMU Munich for a new crystallization core facility with state of the art crystallization instrumentation. Additional funds were obtained from LMUexcellent to embed new nano-crystallization techniques. The crystallization facility is coordinated by Dr. Gregor Witte and is located in the basement of the Gene Center. The focus of this new facility is to provide a broad platform for semi-automated crystallization using different approaches, rather than a high-throughput automated approach. State-of-the art liquid-handling systems enable fast and easy preparation of crystallization screens and setups (Art Robbins 4-Channel Phoenix Crystallization Robot, TECAN Evo200 liquid handling robot). The facility is temperature-stabilized and provides lab space and microscopes for manual setups, manipulation and preparation of protein crystals for synchrotron measurements and different temperature-controlled incubators  and storage possibilities. The new facility ensures that the Gene Center remains highly competitive in the X-ray structure determination of ever more challenging fragile and scarce macromolecular complexes.